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    Sail Aways

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Tuning: standard (On record capo, 3rd fret) 
Intro: E5     A5 

Verse 1: 
E5              A5              E5                      A5 
All I see is my newfound friend and all the things she grants me 
E5             A5                E5                        A5 
Freedom is not among those things and freedom is by no means free 
E5                    A5          E5                    A5 
Yeah, this is were it all begins, begins to stretch and part 
E5               A5             E5                        A5   
If we were to be changing things I wouldn?t know were to start 

Refr?o -------------
C5              D5        G5        C5 
I just want to sail away from it all 
              D5             G5              C5 
Freedom is impossible, this I..... this I know 
                      D5              G5                      C5   
I can?t find it in no bedroom or wherever it is I?m running high 
                     D5             E5    A5    E5     A5 
I never did find it....by anyone?s side 
Verse 2: 
E5                 A5          E5                   A5 
So this is were it all begins, the nutbolt tied around me 
E5                   A5           E5                          A5 
Now that I?ve found this big love and sometimes worked in its company 
E5                            A5            
Yes, I?ve become aware by the air that I display  
E5                              A5 
An hour is just the smallest of nations 
E5                   A5       E5                            A5            
The next day I go on lightly and live it less within my limitations 
Chorus x2 to fade
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