• Song:

    The Death Of Ferdinand De Saussure

  • Artist:

    Magnetic Fields

  • Album:

    69 Love Songs

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Tabbed by:afterthewar

I did the bass tab for this awhile back, so I figured I'd add the
(impossibly simple) guitar part as well. Now all I have to do is tab
the synth (which I will do, when I have massive amounts of time.)
I'm only gonna tab the first verse, because its the same 
progression throughout.

A          G          D
I met Ferdinand de Saussure
A      G         D
On a night like this
On love he said
G        D
"I'm not so sure
A       G           D
I even know what it is
A          G
No understanding
No closure
A         G   D
It is a nemesis
A             G     D
You can't use a bulldozer
A          G        D
To study orchids, he said so...
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