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tune down 1/2 step

Intro: D5 , D5 , G5 , A5

Verse 1:
D5            D5            G5       A5
The rain has chased away the sun
D5           D5             G5       A5
The darkest night has yet to come
G5                             A5
And now you're fallin' in too deep
   D5     A5  B5    A5              G5      A5 
It won't be    long 'till you fall asleep

You count your blessings one by one
And everythin' that has been done
Well it's a game you've gotta win
It's your life
You know where you've been

D5            A5            B5  
So don't you weep, don't you cry
             A5                 G5
Secrets that you thought you'd keep
            D5           A5
Farewell to wisdom , goodbye
D5             A5        B5
When you're a face in the crowd
            A5                G5
You have to shine thru' with grace
            D5            A5
No need for shoutin' out loud

            D5     G5   A5
Not for the parts you take
           D5      G5   A5
Or for the hearts you break
D5              A5        B5
Somethin' that you can't deny
             A5            G5      
Don't let it all pass you by

Verse 2:
Now you don't seem to get around
And in everythin' you've found
Somehow nothin' stays the same
And believe some of us remain

Repeat chorus

B5                 A5
You're lost in the wilderness
G5               D5
Ain't no way of leavin'
B5               G5
You think you're helpless
D5            A5
In a place unknown
B5                    A5
You don't know you're standin'
G5               D5
At the gates of Eden
B5        G5
Someone's waitin'
D5              A5       A5
Gonna take you home 

Fill before final chorus:
e----------------- | 
B----------------- | 
G-7-6-5-4--------- | 
D---------7-6-5-4- | 
A-5-4-3-2--------- | 
E---------5-4-3-2- | 

Outro: E5 , B5 , C#5 , B5 , A5 , E5 , B5
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