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Capo 1

Intro (relative to capo):

e | -------------------------- | 
B | -------------------------- | 
G | -77-7-7-----7-7-7-7-6-6-7- | 
D | -77-7-75~---0-0-0-0-0-0-0- | 
A | -55-5-55~----------------- |  x4
E | -------3~----------------- | 

Verse 1 (Chords are picked):
D      G
 So it seems that I'm wrong,
D         G        D        G              D         G    D
Cause you said that I would never want for anything again
G                       D
But my eyes are set low
        G      D       G        D            G
And I'm holding to the things I know I can't keep

B                    A G             
 I keep on chasing the wrong things 
And coming up empty
           G                      A
This isn't who I'm supposed to be
B                    A  G                      D
 I keep on learning the hard way from every mistake
And I'm finding that each time that you fall,

You're just becoming who you are


Verse 2 (Chords are picked):
D  G                        D
 So it seems that I'm wrong,
        G       D         G               D            G
Cause I keep on searching for the answers that I don't need
I know I don't need


Intro x8

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