• Song:

    My Heart Stood Still

  • Artist:

    Mamas And The Papas

  • Album:

    Complete Anthology

My Heart Stood Still

C          F       G
I took one look at you,
C            F        Fm        
That's all I meant to do,
    C       Fm    F     C      C  Em  F  G
And then my heart stood still!

C  Em         F        G
My feet could step and walk,
C             F   
My lips could move and talk,
C          Fm    F     C      
And yet my heart stood still!

Though not a single word was spoken
I could tell you knew you knew (yeah).
            C        D 
That unfelt clasp of hands, yeah
           Ab G
Told me so we-ell, yeah...

I never lived at all 
Until the thrill of that
Moment when my heart stood still, yeah 
And I never lived at all until the thrill
Of that moment when my heart stood still.. 

by: José Duarte
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