• Song:

    No Salt On Her Tail

  • Artist:

    Mamas And The Papas

  • Album:

    Complete Anthology

No Salt on Her Tail 

F   Bb    F         Bb    F
Not in my arms, but on my mind 
           C     F   Bb  F
Yes, on my mind, but not in my arms.
F    Bb     F        Bb        F
Time passes by and I watch her fly
                 C    F   Bb   F
Yes, I watch her fly, and time passes by.

Bb                       Gm
Though it’s hard for me, I’m going to leave her free
Bb                      Dm          Am               Dm 
Cause that would be the best philosophy. Then she’ll come to me.
Gm              C
So I feel that to be real that...

This little bird, she can fly away;
No salt on her tail, no cage to make her stay.

Though it’s hard...

by: José Duarte
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