• Song:

    Safe In My Garden

  • Artist:

    Mamas And The Papas

  • Album:

    California Dreamin': Li...

Safe in My Garden 
C    Dm7   F   C  Dm7                 G 
Safe in my garden an ancient flower blooms.
        C     Dm7  C   Em Am  Dm7                 G
And the scent from its nature slowly squares my room;
        C             Dm7            Am            G  
And its perfume being such that it’s causing me to swoon.

C              F               Am                   F  
Could it be we were hot-wired? Late one night we’re very tired. 
Dm7                                           G
They stole our minds and thought we’d never know it. 
C             F             Em                 Am                     
With a bottle in each hand; too late to try to understand.
F                                     Dm7 
We don’t care where it lands, we just throw it. 
         C        Dm              Am       G
Somebody take us away... Somebody take us away...

When you go out in the street, no many hassles with the heat;
No one there can fill your desire.
Cops out with the megaphones, telling people stay inside their home.
Man, can’t they see the world’s on fire?
Somebody take us away...take us away...

Safe in our garden...

by: José Duarte
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