• Song:

    Morning Paper Dirt

  • Artist:

    Mando Diao

  • Album:

    Ode to Ochrasy (UK only...

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Morning Paper Dirt Chords by Mando Diao

Artist: Mando Diao
Song: Morning paper dirt
Album: Ode to Ochrasy
Date: 07.09.2006
Tabber: Robert Engelhoven

Good song! And very easy. As usual I'm not sure 'bout the lyrics. Have fun! Send any 
or corrections to Robert@Engelhoven.de

Verse: A E f# D

You love your brother
no matter what they say
Yeah You love your brothers
                       c#        D
No matter what kind of games you play

A          E                f#
It's gonna rain that's what they say
    D                        A
And we just got to cover our heads
    E                        f#             D
And we ain't coming out till we're dead - oh no
A              E            f#
And it's gonna drown all of us in
    D                           A
And we don't wanna lose what we got
    E                        f#         D
No, we don't wanna lose what we own - oh no
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