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C                     G
It?s a take-out weekend
C                G             F
It?s a fake-out smile and pretend
C                    G
If nobody sees you cry
C                                G
You can say it was raining outside

F                G
And all that you want
Am            C
Is a few days down
F            G
All that you need
Am                C
A little time to drown
F              G
It?s to be expected
Am                       C
With all the weight you carry ?round
F              G
All that you want is
Am     F       C
A Few Days Down

(Same as previous verse)
It?s a short vacation
To a foreign nation
Oh, nothing familiar here
Just you and your lonesome heart complaining

D          F
I?m looking out
D          F
Ten stories high
And like a blanket lifted
The quiet night
C                  Am
The city finally waking up
To the morning light
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