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This song is so cool. In the verse, there is no guitar, just weird effects and
drums, but I added my own stuff for a cool acoustical performance. If you don't
like the verse part, then you can change it yourself

For the intro, contstantly strum until next chord except "this same sad song"
just strum the chord once and then when C comes then constantly strum again. For
the first line of the bridge, just strum the chord twice (2) or three times (3).
This part was hard, but I think I have it. Then the 2nd line go back to playing
it normally.

     D        Dsus4               D         D    Dsus4     D   X 3     
It's broken        I know what you want.

Em             E
I keep hang... Got some attachment.....

A          Am
Way down Is still...

                      C               A
I've told myself that it isn't right, but it ....

Em       E
Yet....  The more you....

A               Am        
The more I need protecting

A                        A    G    C   
Can't see myself singing this same sad song

   D (2) Dsus4 (3)   D (2)  Dsus4 (3) D (2)          
Oh, and....              Why I am .......

D (back to                Dsus4           D
   You can only bring me up and down.   

I've got.....

Dsus4       D
So I....

Chorus: D Dsus D (rpeat until finished) 
Then do verse 2
And bridge with different words

Didn't I adore you?
A             G  A   D  Dsus4    D    
Didn't I....  satisfied

Didn't I....  

A               G   A    D       Dsus4
For every....  Downward slide
D    Dsus4    D
That I....

D      Dsus4       D   D Dsus4 D
Didn't I adore you? ..... satisfied

Then repeat for the "didn't I assure you. Then, from here on, all you have to play is

D  Dsus4    D

Know when and where, it isn't too hard.

For any questions, e-mail me @ mojojoey2002@netscape.net
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