• Song:

    Waking Up And Walking Out

  • Artist:

    Margot And The Nuclear So And Sos

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by: Austin Morgan

C Am Em F G
C Am Em F G
C                  Am            Em
I slip out when my love is fast asleep
      F                       G
She's not my lover, She's sharing a floor with me
C              Am            Em    F G
And we talked about her grandmother
F   C        G
You touch my leg
F       C           G
On that slow-moving train
F   C            G
You shake like a leaf
F       C           G
In that cool autumn breeze
C               Am              Em
I walk in and Jolene is half undressed
           F                   G
She's just chewing her gum and winking at me
I'll fight her wars
           Am          Em   F G
And she'll smite my enemies
F   C            G
You bitch like a child
F C            G
A spoiled only child
F   C         G
You smoke cigarettes
F     C           G
Drink wine from a flask
F   C             G
You whisper, "I'm tired
F  C           G
of living this life"
F       C         G
But I'm feeling insane
F     C           G
Lying here in one place
C Am Em F G
C Am Em F G
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