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At the beginning you can play either play -

A ]                             OR   B ]
e | --7-----------7----------- |           Just strum Em
B | -----8-----8-----8-----8-- | 
G | --------(b9)----------(b9)---- | 
D | -------------------------- | 
A | -------------------------- | 
E | -------------------------- | 

Em          Bm         Am
Once upon a time, in a place,
Em        D
Far, far away from here,
Em          Bm        Am
Long, long ago, weary eyes,
Em            D
Drift past distorted lights,

    G          Em                 C/G        D
And dream of a love that made you feel more alive,
   D            Em    C/G
Be worth any compromise,
  G               Em     C/G         D
A love that would always keep you surprised,
D               Em      C/G
And prove to be worth a fight.

        Em       Bm           Am
No more days too long, Pretty love songs,
    Em         D
You hum as you travel along,
     Em           Bm                 
This same, solemn road, 
             Am                       Em           D 
And then you came in to say what your face already told,

             G             Em         C/G           D
You said you found her and you, Would make her your bride,
D            Em       C/G 
Stand by her till you die,
    G           Em            C/G          D
And your tender eyes, they'll glisten with pride,
         D       Em     C/G
And your smile so satisfied. 

[Instrumental/Part with Oooh's]

Em , G , C/G , Em , D ,

Em , G , C/G , Em , D ,

G , Em , C/G , D , D , Em , C/G ,

G , Em , C/G , D , D , Em , C/G .
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