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At the beginning you can play either play -

A5 ]                             OR   B5 ]
e | --7-----------7----------- |           Just strum Em
B | -----8-----8-----8-----8-- | 
G | --------(b9)----------(b9)---- | 
D | -------------------------- | 
A | -------------------------- | 
E | -------------------------- | 

E5          B5         A5
Once upon a time, in a place,
E5        D5
Far, far away from here,
E5          B5        A5
Long, long ago, weary eyes,
E5            D5
Drift past distorted lights,

    G5          E5                 C5        D5
And dream of a love that made you feel more alive,
   D5            E5    C5
Be worth any compromise,
  G5               E5     C5         D5
A love that would always keep you surprised,
D5               E5      C5
And prove to be worth a fight.

        E5       B5           A5
No more days too long, Pretty love songs,
    E5         D5
You hum as you travel along,
     E5           B5                 
This same, solemn road, 
             A5                       E5           D5 
And then you came in to say what your face already told,

             G5             E5         C5           D5
You said you found her and you, Would make her your bride,
D5            E5       C5 
Stand by her till you die,
    G5           E5            C5          D5
And your tender eyes, they'll glisten with pride,
         D5       E5     C5
And your smile so satisfied. 

[Instrumental/Part with Oooh's]

E5 , G5 , C5 , E5 , D5 ,

E5 , G5 , C5 , E5 , D5 ,

G5 , E5 , C5 , D5 , D5 , E5 , C5 ,

G5 , E5 , C5 , D5 , D5 , E5 , C5 .
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