Maria Taylor - Orchids 

Capo 9 

When strumming the chords miss the first string (Highest string) and pull back up 
on the second. I think that's how Maria plays it. 


G5 x4

G5                     A5
I won't get mad and I won't break in two
        G5             C5
Because I understand you
Now take this change
And let my clothes soak with rain
     G5               C5
As I study orchid blooms
    A5         G5
And some can't live
            C5               G5
Unless they feed on fallen leaves
And so you'll let me down
To come alive
When you comfort me

Break: G x 4 (Now bringing in the first string and then taking it back out when 
the lyrics start again) 

I've watched you change
I've heard your words rearrange
 G5                    C5
Played back from the start
G5                      A5
And if I did teach you anything at all 
          G5                           C5
I hope it was to love with all your heart
    A5           G5
And they open wide
        C5            G5
With imperfect symmetry
And so you'll love like you
    C5                G5
And I will love like me

Break: G5 G5 G5 G5 x5

    A5    G5 
And to be reborn
     C5             G5
They have to go to sea
        A5              C5               G5
And so, angel, you will have to set me free 

Tabbed By Becca Yemm
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