• Song:

    I Stay In Love

  • Artist:

    Mariah Carey

  • Album:


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Dying inside 'cause I can't stand it
Make or break up Can't take this madness
We don't even really know why All I know is baby
I try and try so hard To keep our love alive
If you don't know me at this point Then
I highly doubt you ever will
I really need you to give me
That unconditional love
I used to feel It's a mistake if we just erase it
From our hearts and minds and I know


We said let go But I kept on hanging on Inside
I know it's over You're really gone
It's killing me 'cause there ain't nothing That I can do Baby,
I stay in love with you And
I keep on telling myself That you'll come back around And

I try to front like "Oh well" Each time you let me down

See I can't get over you now
No matter what I do
But baby, baby
I stay in love with you

Na na na na na na na na na
Na na na na na na na na na
Na na na na na na na na na
Baby, I stay in love with you

It cuts so deep
It hurts down to my soul
My friends tell me
I ain't the same no more
We still need each other
When we stumble and fall
How we gonna act
Like what we had
Ain't nothin' at all now

Hey, what I wanna do is
Ride shotgun next to you
With the top down like we used to
Hit the block
Proud in the SUV
We both know our heart is breaking
Can we learn from our mistakes
I can't last one moment alone
Now go I know

(chorus 2x)

(repete tudo)
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