• Song:

    If It's Over

  • Artist:

    Mariah Carey

Tom: G5

              G5                             D5
1. Won't you talk to me, this is so out of hand,
                       C5                           G5        - D5
    something's gone wrong with the life that we planned.
               G5                              D5
    Won't you look at me, you're avoiding my gaze, yes, you are
                               C5                 G5     D5
    and it seems like you've changed in so many ways, yeah.
          G5              G5             C5                           A5
It isn't fair, it isn't right, if it's really gone, then tell me tonight,
         G5             D5           C5           G5   - D5
if it's over, if it's over, let me go, let me go.
    - - - -    G5                            D5
2. Won't you speak to me, I'm just holding on,
    'cause baby I really don't need to wait around, oh no,
                       G5     - D5
    if the feeling is gone.           + REFRAIN 
              B5                     E5               
    'Cause I know, I don't need no apologies, no,
B5                        -  E5
     I'm not looking for        no sympathy,
C5                        - C5
    all I'm asking for         is for your honesty,
               G5                            D5
    won't you give it to me, give it to me now!    
          G5                   G5
It isn't fair, it just isn't right,
                C5                                         A5
'cause if is't really gone, you've got to say the word tonight, oh yeah!
         G5             D5                   E5     C5                          
If it's over, if it's over, baby, if it's over, won't you let me know ?
              G5               D5   -   D5              C5  - G5
Baby if it's over,  if it's o...........ver - let me go.
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