• Song:

    Whenever You Call

  • Artist:

    Mariah Carey

  • Album:

    Daydream / Butterfly

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Tom: G

    G              Em                 C                 D
1. Love wandered inside stronger than you, stronger than I.
         G                 Em                  C
    And now that it has begun we cannot turn back,
                 D         G
    we can only turn into one.
G                       - Em
    I won't ever be too       far away to feel you,
C                            D                 G
    and I won't hesitate at all, whenever you call.
                              - Em      
    And I'll always remember        the part of you so tender
C                                  D                  C  - G
    I'll be the one to catch your fall, whenever you call.
        G            Em                 C                  D
2. And I'm truly inspired, finding my soul there in your eyes.
         G                  Em                     C
    And you have opened my heart and lifted me inside,
                       D         G
    By showing me yourself undisguised  + REFRAIN 
D                                    F
    And I will breathe for you each day,
                                 C                             G
    comfort you through all the pain, gently kiss your fears away.
D                           F
    You can turn to me and cry
                          D#                     D
    always understand that I give you all I am inside.  + REFRAIN ...
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