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Intro e base:
E | -------------0------------------------------- | 
B | ---------1-3---------------1--3--0----------- | 
G | -------2-----------------2------------------- | 
D | -----2-----------------2--------------------- | 
A | ---0-----------------0----------------------- | 
E | --------------------------------------------- | 

Strum me hard, strum me fast,

Fears sure built into every wall.

Looking hard through the glass,

Fears sure built in with every waltz.

         C           G
Looking out at the rain
        Dm               Am
Looking in through the storm.
 C            G
Treading the waves,
Dm           Am
Come in from harm.
      G         Am         G       F
How could you regret your other words ...
Am           G        Dm
Hoping for thrills - free as a bird ...
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