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Intro e base:
E | -------------0------------------------------- | 
B | ---------1-3---------------1--3--0----------- | 
G | -------2-----------------2------------------- | 
D | -----2-----------------2--------------------- | 
A | ---0-----------------0----------------------- | 
E | --------------------------------------------- | 

Strum me hard, strum me fast,

Fears sure built into every wall.

Looking hard through the glass,

Fears sure built in with every waltz.

         C5           G5
Looking out at the rain
        D5               A5
Looking in through the storm.
 C5            G5
Treading the waves,
D5           A5
Come in from harm.
      G5         A5         G5       F5
How could you regret your other words ...
A5           G5        D5
Hoping for thrills - free as a bird ...
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