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A5               D5
I can't give you all my dreams
E5       E5     A5
Nor the life I live.
A5      F5      E5               A5
You and I know what friendship means,
       E5      E5     A5 E5
That's all we got to give.

A5                 D5
Who will take your dreams away
E5          E5     A5
Takes your soul another day.
A5       F5     E5          A5 
What can never be lost is gone,
        E5      E5   A5 E5
They've stolen it away.

A5               G5      A5
Please, don't stand too close to me,
A5      D5      A5      
Can you hear my heart?
F5       G5          A5
Take my warmth and lean on me
E5          E5   A5 E5
When we're not apart.

A5              D5
Now our mission is complete
E5       E5          A5                
And our friends are here
A5   F5              E5          A5
Evil things brought down by the light,
F5         D5  E5      A5
Life goes on until the end.
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