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C Am F G  (x3)
i can never find the words to describe what you do to me
if i did it would sound like a hundred symphonies
the sun would descend from the sky
just to see who stole all his light and glory

C Dm Am F G
you and me don't you see
we could change all of history

C Am F G  (x2)
your love, your love your love, is all that i need
your love your love your love so honey stay right here with me

C Dm Em G
your touch, your smile, your kiss, your heart is lighting me up

C Am F G
your love your love, is all that i need

i remember walking with you on that april night
i was cold and you knew it so you asked me if i'm alright
then you reached for my hand
held it tightly in yours
and neither of us could say a thing

but the look on your face
to me, it meant it everything

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