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    Forgotten Sons

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  • Album:

    The Best Of Both Worlds

D  E  G  A

D         E             G
Armalite, streetlights, nightsights
A                         D         E        G
Searching the roofs for a sniper, a viper, a fighter
A                          D               E                G
Death in the shadows he'll maim you, he'll wound you, he'll kill you
      A              Am
For a long forgotten cause on not so foreign shores
      D             F  D F                Am   D  F  D  F  Am  D  F  D  F
Boys baptised in wars,     boys baptised in wars

Morphine, chill scream , bad dream
                  D         F          D
Serving as numbers on dog tags, flak rags, sand bags
     F                     Am
Your girl has married your best friend, love's end, poison pen
     D          F      D     F
Your flesh will always creep
Am                          D           F       D          A       G  A  C
Tossing, turning sleep, the wounds that burn so deep, burn so deep

     A                                             G                C
Your mother sits on the edge of the world when the camera starts to roll
A                         G                 C
Panoramic viewpoint ressurrects the killing fold
     A                                G                   C
Your father drains another beer, he's one of the few that cares
A                                         G             C           A
Crawling behind a Saracen's hull from the safety of his living room chair

G                A  C                 A  G
  Forgotten sons,     forgotten sons,      forgotten sons

A  G  A  C  A  G  A  C  A  G  A  C  A  G  A  C  A  G  A  C  A  G  A  C  A  G  A  C

A                                         G 
  And so as I patrol in the valley of the shadow of the tricolor, I must fear evil
For I am but mortal and mortals can only die
A                                  G
Asking questions, pleading answers   from the nameless, faceless watchers 
                D                               A
That parade the carpeted corridors of Whitehall
Who orders desecration, mutilation
Verbal masturbation in the guarded beaurocratic wombs?
A                               G
Minister, minister care for you children
Order them not into damnation to eliminate those who would trespass against you
A                             G
For whose is the Kingdom , the power, the glory?

    D              A
For ever and ever, amen
     G      D           A      (N.C.)
Amen   Amen   Amen Amen   Amen

"Halt! Who goes there?" "Death" "Approach friend"

Dm  Bb  C  Am  Bb  C  Am  Bb

       Dm                  Bb         C                          Am
You're just another coffin    on it's way down the emerald aisle
        Bb               C                  Am                     Bb
Where the children's stony glances mourn your death in a terrorist's smile
    Dm                   Bb                   C         Am 
The bomber's arm placing fiery gifts on the supermarket shelves
Bb               C                    Am        Bb
Alleys sing with shrapnel, detonate a temporary hell

Dm  Bb  C  Am           Bb   C  Am  Bb           Dm   Bb  C  Am  Bb  C  Am  Bb
            Forgotten sons,          forgotten sons

       Dm                Bb             C               Am
From the dole queue to the regiment, a profession in a flash
      Bb            C                  Am                 Bb
But remember Monday signings when from door to door you dash
       Dm             Bb                  C                 Am
On the news, a nation mourns you, unknown soldier count the cost
Bb                     C          Am           Bb
For a second you'll be famous but labelled posthumous

Dm  Bb  C  Am           Bb  C  Am  Bb           Dm
            Forgotten son,          forgotten son
Bb  C  Am           Bb   C           Am   Bb
        Forgotten son,   forgotten son

      Dm    Bb    C      Am
They're still    forgotten
      Bb     C        Am     Bb
They're still, still forgotten

Dm                 Bb         C                Am       Bb
Peace on earth and mercy mild Mother Brown has lost her child
C          Am     Bb     D
  Just another forgotten son
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