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    Hotel Hobbies

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Dm                    Am/D
Hotel hobbies padding dawns hollow corridors
Bell boys checking out the hookers in the bar
Dm                          Am/D
Slug-like fingers trace the star-spangled clouds of cocaine on the mirror
Dm                         Dm
 The short straw takes its bow
Am/D ------ Dm

Dm                        Am/D
The tell tale sign of the last cigarette marking time in the pockets as the
Dm                        Dm                  Am/D
whisky sweat lies like discarded armour on an unmade bed

And a familiar craving Dm is crawling through his Dhead

G/D ------ C/D ------ A/D ------ G/D

And the Donly sign of life is the ticking of the pen
Introducing characters to memories like old friends
Frantic as a cardiograph scratching out the lines
     G/D                                         D
In a fever of confession a catalogue of crime in happy hour
       G/D    C/D                        A/D                         G/D
Do you cry in happy hour, do you hide in happy hour, a pilgrimage to happy hour
Em ------ D/E ------ Em ------ D/E ------ C ------ D ------ C -------------------------- |  D

Em ------ D/E ------ Em ------ D/E ------ C ------ D ------ C ------ D ------ Em ------- |  Bm

D ------ Asus4 ------ C5 ------ C------------------------------------------------------ |  C5

Em          Bm
New shadows tugging at the corner of his Deye
             Asus4           C5
Jostling for attention as the sunlight flares
Through a curtains tear, shuffling its beams
         C5          Bm7
As if in nervous anticipation of another day
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