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Hi there!

These are, I believe, the chords to "Jigsaw" by Marillion:

We are jigsaw pieces, aligned on the perimeter edge,
B5                             F#5
Interlocked through a missing piece.
We are renaissance children, becalmed beneath the bridge of sighs,
   B5                               F#5
Forever throwing firebrands at the stondework.
       Ab5              E5              F#5
We are siamese children related by the heart.
Ab5               E5           F#5
Bleeding from the surgery of initial confrontation.
Ab5              E5                     F#5
Holding the word scalpels in trembling lips.
      Ab5       E5
Stand straight, look me in the eye 
    B5       F#5
and say goodbye.
      Ab5             E5
Stand straight, we've drifted past the point 
   B5       F#5
of reasons why.
Yesterday start toEmorrow, 
         B5        F#5
tomorrow starts today.
        Ab5                              E5
And the problem always seems to be we're picking up the pieces 
       B5   F#5   C#5
on the ricochet.
Ab5         F#5
This is the ricochet.

2nd verse: same chords

2nd chorus: same chords until:
                                 B5   F#5
... picking up the pieces on the ricochet.
D5 F5        C5   Bb5
This is the ricohet.
       D5             F5                       C5            Bb5
Are we trigger happy? Russian roulette in the waiting room.
D5             F5             C5   Bb5 
Empty chambers embracing the end.
D5              F5                      C5     Bb5
Puzzled visions haunt the ripples of a trevi moon.
D5                           F5                C5    Bb5
Dream coins for the fountain or te cover your eyes.
   A5                     F5                  G5
We reached ignition point from the sparks of pleasantries.
   A5                 F5              G5
We sensed the smoke advancing from horizons.
   A5                    F5                     G5
You must have known that I was considering an escape.
      C#5       A5
Stand straight, look me in the eye
    E5       B5
and say goodbye.
      C#5             A5
Stand straight, We've drifted past the point
   E5       B5
of reasons why.
C#5                A5
Yesterday starts tomorrow,
         E5        B5
tomorrow starts today.
        C#5                              A5
And the problem always seems to be we're picking up the pieces
       E5   B5
on the ricochet.
B5 G5        A5
This is the ricochet....
        B5               G5      A5
I'll be seeing you again on the ricochet....
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