• Song:

    One Fine Day

  • Artist:


  • Album:

    This Strange Engine

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Guitar transcription

B5           A5          E5                   G5
Oh how years change the things for which we strive.
E5       F#5            G5     A5      
A better world now just quiet life.
B5            A5         E5           G5   
What seems so simple is still so far away
E5              F#5            G5        A5
Don't hold your breath wait if one fine day

D5         A5              B5       E5
Listening to the pouring rain
D5       A5                G5         
waiting for the world to change
D5            A5      B5               E5        D5   A5    G5   
beginning to wonder if we'll wait in vain for one fine day.
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