• Song:

    Bye Bye Baby

  • Artist:

    Marilyn Monroe

  • Album:

    All My Succes - Marilyn...

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Intro: D C B A G

G   D+5  G   E7 Am  E7/Ab  Am7/G    D+5
bye bye, baby,    remember you're my baby

G   C#?  G  Em7    A6/F# A5+/F  Am7/E  
When they give you   the eye;

     D7        G   B7     Em     D?    C   E7/B  Am   Am7/G
And just to - show that I care - I will write and declare 

     D  C#?  D7/C  D+5/Bb G  C#?/Bb Am7  D7
That I'm on the loose, but I'm still on the square

G    D+5 G   E7   Am  E7/Ab  Am7/G    D+5
I've been lonely    but even though I'm lonely 

G   C#? G   Em7      F#m7 (2X)  B7 (2X)
There'll be   no other guy 

            Em C?/Eb  Dm7  G7  
Now I'll be gone   for a while 

C  F#7     A7      C#?
I know that I'll be smiling

G  C#?/Ab  Am   D7  G ( F ) E7  
With my    baby  by and by? and by

        Am   D7    G
With my baby  by and by
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