• Song:

    The River Of No Return

  • Artist:

    Marilyn Monroe

  • Album:

    All My Succes - Marilyn...

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Tom: D

Intro: D - Bm      D      - Bm                   
          G                      Em              D  -  Bm          D   - D7
  If you listen, you can hear it call :  wail-a-ree !     (wail-a-ree)
G       - Bm     G7                C       Cm    G
    There      is a river called The River Of No Return,
                   Bm            Em                   D
    sometimes it's peaceful and sometimes wild and free!
G          - Bm        G7              C       Cm    G
     Love       is a trav'ler on The River Of No Return,
Em          G    Bm     - Em        C            D     G
    swept on forever       to be lost in the stormy sea.
    (Wail-a-ree) I can hear the river call (no return, no return)

    No return, no return (wail-a-ree).
         Bm            Em            C                   D
   I can hear my lover call come to me (no return, no return)
       D7      G  - Bm          G7          C        Cm         G
    I lost my love     on the river and forever my heart will yearn,
     G    - Em          Bm    - Em           C        D    G
    Gone,      gone forever     down The River Of No Return.
                                        C - G
   Wail-a-ree (wail-a-re-e-ee), wail-a-r....ee.
           C       D       G
    He'll never return to me! (no return, no return)
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