• Song:

    Face To Face

  • Artist:

    Mark Altrogge

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G5                      E5 
Jesus, I love you for when I was blind and lost 
     C5               A5               D5 
You shed for all your enemies your blood upon the cross 
G5                     E5 
Because you have loved me, now I can love you too 
     C5               A5 
Your love flows deep into my heart 
Then I send it back to you 
    G5            C5               D5                 G5 
And Jesus our love will only grow much deeper 
   E5              A5               D5 
Sustained from above by your overflowing grace 
G5         C5             D5               G5 
Jesus, our love will only grow much sweeter 
    E5      A5          D5 D5       G5 
And someday we shall be together face to face
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