• Song:

    O Faithful God

  • Artist:

    Mark Altrogge

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O Faithful God (I Will Praise You All My Life) -mark Altrogge

G.                     C/G.      G.       G4
I will praise You all my life
                    Am7.             D4.       D
I will sing to You with my whole heart
B.                  Em.       C.                   Em
I will trust in You, my hope and my help
         C.                 G/D. D.    G.        D
My Maker and my faithful God

         C.      G.        C/G.     G
O faithful God, O faithful God
      C/G.     G.       Am7.                   D4.     D
You lift me up and You uphold my cause
         C.          G.       C/G.        G
You give me life, You dry my eyes
              C/G.     Em.                D.       C/G.       G
You're always near, You're a faithful God
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