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Title: Ill Be Over You

Artist/band: Mark Bautista

Source of Chords: Charlie Edsel Valera              

           For Comments/Suggestions email us @ charlieedsel_valera

Bb          Eb(7M)     Eb 
Some people live their dreams
            Bb/F         F
Some people close their eyes
              Eb     Cm7
Some people's destiny
F4     Bb
Passes by
Bb           Eb(7M)
There are no guarantees
            Bb/F F
There are no alibis
F4     F       Eb          Cm7
That's how our love must be
F4        Bb
Don't ask why
It takes some time
God knows how long
Ebm/Gb              Bb/F
I know that I can forget you
   C/E D/F# F/A Bb    F/Bb  Bb  F/Bb   
As soon as  my  heart stops breakin'
Gm7 F/G Eb
   Cm7       Eb       F4
As soon as forever is through
I'll be over you
Bb          Eb
Remembering times gone by
           Bb/F  F 
Promises we once made
             Eb          Cm7
What are the reasons why
  F4              Bb
Nothing stays the same
               F/A    Eb/G           
There were the nights holding you close
Ebm/Gb                 Bb/F
Someday I'll try to forget them
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