• Song:

    Cinnamon Heart A Delicious Love Story

  • Artist:

    Mark Beasley

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Capo 4

            C5                                      F5
Oh the chocolate chip moon and the m&m stars
        C5                                  G5
Are shining right down on the marshmallow farm
          C5                                        F5
As the gummy bear boy makes his way through the dark
     C5         G5        C5
To find his cinnamon heart

      C5                   F5
He gave it away to a sour patch girl
      C5                      G5
But she ran off, and shattered his world
      C5                          F5
And now he knows that the only cure
    C5          G5          C5
Is to find his cinnamon heart

A5         G5                   C5          F5
So he's walking down liquorice lane
A5        G5                     C5           F5       
Soaking wet from all the orange juice rain
A5        G5                       C5        F5
Passing shadows cast by scary things
   C5            G5            A5
But he knows he must be strong
   C5          G5             C5
So he just keeps marching on

C5                     F5
Suddenly there's no where else he can go
      C5                    G5
A jellybean fence marks the end of the road
      C5                             F5
So the gummy bear boy, feeling lost and alone
     C5          G5             C5
He finally lets his tears go

      C5                         F5
But when he sits down with his back to a tree
      C5                          G5
He sees something move, and to his disbelief,
        C5                            F5
It's his cinnamon heart and the girl of his dreams
C5        G5         C5
Hiding up in the leaves

And he says
A5          G5            C5           F5
Please come down from that broccoli tree
A5       G5             C5        F5
I'm not mad, I'm just lonely
A5       G5           C5          F5
Take my hand and come home with me
     C5             G5         A5
So he helped her to the ground
      C5           G5          C5
And she kissed him on the mouth
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