• Song:


  • Artist:

    Martin Jondo

  • Album:

    Rainbow Warrior

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Martin Jondo - Raindrops

A#m (x13321@1)                     G#raindrops (xx1114@1)pouring down my window
                      A#m (x13321@1)                  G#mand (133111@4)they remind me of teardrops I shed on my pillow
I said raindrops pouring down my window
and they remind me of teardrops I shed on my pillow

A#m (x13321@1)  that morning when I woke up it was raining
G# (xx1114@1)
  cats and dogs
A#m (x13321@1)  the sky was covered so grew and
G# (xx1114@1) I knew something was wrong
but I couldn't couldn't figure it out what
depressed my little little soul Lord
until I got that message
which was freezing my blood and soul heh
she was up up and gone with a brother brother
though she told she woulda never never never never never
but the time has told the truth
and I'm the stupid fool who feels blue heh 

raindrops ...
the tide was high the tide was low
some nights I was lonely some nights I was in love
the seasons they oh they passed by
still I felt we're living just a dirty dirty lie
but we kept it on that hurtful game
Lord it was a shame a shame a shame
'cause we were young young to see that
the things we wanted that they couldn't be and
our untouchable love
now it was gone gone gone gone away
you were grabbing for more and
I was playing the fool again and
raindrops ...

so I shed tears and tears and tears
and they passed by the years the years
until I heard a heavenly call
to let go evrything and just fall fall fall
into love with loneliness which
coulda never hurt me as bad as bad
as all the years that we've been through
darlin I am go no more I love you
raindrops ...

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