• Song:

    A Mighty Fortress Is Our God

  • Artist:

    Martin Luther

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#-------------------------------PLEASE NOTE-------------------------------------#
# This file is the author's own work and represents their interpretation of the #
# song. You may only use this file for private study, scholarship, or research. #
A Mighty Fortress Is Our God  chords
Martin Luther 1529  "Ein' Feste Burg"

C (x32010@1)      G (320003@1)Em (022000@1)  Am (x02210@1)name="chord_xx0212@1">D7  G (320003@1)  Am (x02210@1)name="chord_022000@1">Em F (133211@1)  C (x32010@1)name="chord_x02210@1">Am  Dm (xx0231@1)name="chord_320001@1">G7 CA (x32010@1)mighty fortress is our God, a  bulwark never failing;
C (x32010@1)        G (320003@1) Em (022000@1)name="chord_x02210@1">Am D7 (xx0212@1)G (320003@1)    Am (x02210@1)name="chord_022000@1">Em F (133211@1) C (x32010@1)  Am (x02210@1)name="chord_xx0231@1">Dm G7 (320001@1)name="chord_x32010@1">C
Our helper He, amid  the flood, of mortal ills prevailing:
C (x32010@1)       Am (x02210@1)G (320003@1)name="chord_xx0212@1">D7    G (320003@1)  C (x32010@1)  G (320003@1)  C (x32010@1)F (133211@1)  G7 (320001@1)name="chord_x02210@1">Am
For still our ancient foe, doth seek to work us woe;
E (022100@1) Am (x02210@1)  E (022100@1) Am (x02210@1)  D7 (xx0212@1)G (320003@1)    F (133211@1)        C7 (x32310@1) A (x02220@1)Dm (xx0231@1)name="chord_022100@1">E
His craft and power are great, and, armed with cruel hate,
Am (x02210@1)name="chord_022000@1">Em    F (133211@1)C (x32010@1) Am (x02210@1)Dm (xx0231@1)name="chord_320001@1">G7 COn (x32010@1)earth is not his equ  al.

C (x32010@1)       G (320003@1) Em (022000@1)Am (x02210@1)     D7 (xx0212@1)name="chord_320003@1">G     Am (x02210@1)Em (022000@1) F (133211@1) C (x32010@1)   Am (x02210@1)name="chord_xx0231@1">Dm G7 (320001@1)name="chord_x32010@1">C
Did we in our own strength confide, our striving would be losing;
C (x32010@1)          G (320003@1)   Em (022000@1)Am (x02210@1)name="chord_xx0212@1">D7  G (320003@1)   Am (x02210@1)Em (022000@1)F (133211@1)C (x32010@1)   Am (x02210@1)Dm (xx0231@1)name="chord_320001@1">G7 CWere (x32010@1)not the right Man on our side, the Man of God's own choosing:
C (x32010@1)      Am (x02210@1)G (320003@1)  D7 (xx0212@1)G (320003@1) C (x32010@1)    G (320003@1)C (x32010@1) F (133211@1)G7 (320001@1)name="chord_x02210@1">Am
Dost ask who that may be? Christ Jesus, it is He;
E (022100@1)  Am (x02210@1)name="chord_022100@1">E Am (x02210@1)D7 (xx0212@1)G (320003@1)   F (133211@1)      C7 (x32310@1)name="chord_x02220@1">A   Dm (xx0231@1)ELord (022100@1)Sabaoth, His Name, from age to age the same,
Am (x02210@1)Em (022000@1)name="chord_133211@1">F    C (x32010@1) Am (x02210@1)Dm (xx0231@1)name="chord_320001@1">G7 CAnd (x32010@1)He must win the bat tle.

C (x32010@1)             G (320003@1)    Em (022000@1) Am (x02210@1)name="chord_xx0212@1">D7  G (320003@1)     Am (x02210@1)   Em (022000@1) F (133211@1) C (x32010@1)Am (x02210@1)name="chord_xx0231@1">Dm G7 (320001@1)name="chord_x32010@1">C
And though this world, with devils filled, should threaten to un do    us,
C (x32010@1)         G (320003@1)   Em (022000@1)Am (x02210@1)D7 (xx0212@1) G (320003@1)     Am (x02210@1)Em (022000@1)  F (133211@1)C (x32010@1)Am (x02210@1) Dm (xx0231@1)name="chord_320001@1">G7   CWe (x32010@1)will not fear, for God hath willed, His truth to triumph through us:
C (x32010@1)        Am (x02210@1)name="chord_320003@1">G   D7 (xx0212@1) G (320003@1)   C (x32010@1)G (320003@1) C (x32010@1) F (133211@1) G7 (320001@1)name="chord_x02210@1">Am
The prince of darkness grim, we tremble not of him
E (022100@1) Am (x02210@1) E (022100@1)Am (x02210@1)D7 (xx0212@1)name="chord_320003@1">G    F (133211@1)     C7 (x32310@1)A (x02220@1)  Dm (xx0231@1)name="chord_022100@1">E
His rage we can endure, for lo, his doom is sure,
Am (x02210@1)Em (022000@1)name="chord_133211@1">F   C (x32010@1)  Am (x02210@1)  Dm (xx0231@1)name="chord_320001@1">G7 COne (x32010@1)little word shall fell  him.

C (x32010@1)        G (320003@1)  Em (022000@1)Am (x02210@1) D7 (xx0212@1)name="chord_320003@1">G       Am (x02210@1)name="chord_022000@1">Em     F (133211@1)C (x32010@1)   Am (x02210@1)name="chord_xx0231@1">Dm G7 (320001@1)name="chord_x32010@1">C
That word above all earthly powers, no thanks to them, abide   th;
C (x32010@1)        G (320003@1) Em (022000@1)Am (x02210@1)  D7 (xx0212@1)G (320003@1)   Am (x02210@1)    Em (022000@1)F (133211@1) C (x32010@1)  Am (x02210@1)name="chord_xx0231@1">Dm G7 (320001@1)name="chord_x32010@1">C
The Spirit and the gifts are ours, through Him Who with us side  th:
C (x32010@1)       Am (x02210@1)G (320003@1) D7 (xx0212@1)G (320003@1) C (x32010@1)  G (320003@1)C (x32010@1) F (133211@1)  G7 (320001@1)name="chord_x02210@1">Am
Let goods and kindred go, this mortal life al so;
E (022100@1) Am (x02210@1)name="chord_022100@1">E Am (x02210@1) D7 (xx0212@1)G (320003@1)   F (133211@1)         C7 (x32310@1)name="chord_x02220@1">A Dm (xx0231@1)name="chord_022100@1">E
The body they may kill: God's truth abideth still,
Am (x02210@1)Em (022000@1)F (133211@1) C (x32010@1)Am (x02210@1)name="chord_xx0231@1">Dm G7 (320001@1)name="chord_x32010@1">C
His kingdom is for ev   er.



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