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Love Keep Us Together

By: Martin Sexton

Standard tuning, although Martin is usually tuned down 1/2 step

Gsus2 (3x023x)
D/F#  (2x023x)
Dm/F  (1x023x)
G (320003@1)   (3x003x)  
A11 (x00000@1) (x0543x)	
Cadd9 (x3x030)
G5    (3x0033)
Fmaj9 (133010)



  Gsus2 (3x0233@1)       D/F# (200232@1)                    Dm/F                 G (320003@1)           A11e-----------------------|---------------------|-----------------|-------------------| (x00000@1)b---3------------3---3--|--------------3---3--|-----------3---3-|------------3-3P0--|

x - stop strings percussively


Gsus2 (3x0233@1)       D/F# (200232@1)Hold me tight don't say goodnight

         Dm/F                G (320003@1)       A11And (x00000@1)I'll let you know that I care_______

Gsus2 (3x0233@1)              D/F#Wait (200232@1)a little longer don't let me be

         Dm/F                 G (320003@1)      A11And (x00000@1)I'll comfort you from the storm_____

Gsus2 (3x0233@1)                D/F#It's (200232@1)been a long night tomorrow's another day

Dm/F                        GCall (320003@1)me when you find out the answer 

         A11 (x00000@1)           Gsus2And (3x0233@1)I'll hope and I'll pray 

    D/F# (200232@1)           Dm/F                 G (320003@1)         A11To (x00000@1)a power that will keep me from goin' insane in the meantime

Cadd9 (x32030@1)                  G5Teenage (355xxx@1)lovers caught up in this dance

Cadd9 (x32030@1)                      G5 (355xxx@1)     Fmaj9Pain's (103010@1)the price of this young romance

Cadd9 (x32030@1)                G5How (355xxx@1)was I such a young fool to know

Cadd9 (x32030@1)                G5 (355xxx@1)           Fmaj9Lord (103010@1)knows I got no direction from home

So I say this prayer


Gsus2 (3x0233@1)      D/F# (200232@1)                 Dm/F
Take hold of me blessed powers that be

               G5Love (355xxx@1)keep us together

(Repeat Chords)

Down with the rain came the news
That our wild ways gonna bring us a baby boy
Wash away all those innocent dreams
Now my whole world is turned upside-down on me
And here I pray
To some power they say's gonna keep me from goin' insane

I can't be strong unless I'm by your side
My weakness tells me to run for the hills
Responsibility beckons me
To think I dreamed your kiss would set me free
Well I've never been so wrong



There cries a child so deep in the night
He needs a father somebody to set things right
I am the one to love to hold him tight
To discount by love a serious oversight
Higher power has brought us together I know
She will keep us together wherever we go
Even if I live a thousand miles away
My love is pure and strong and here to stay

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