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The 4 chords to this great riff. Remember to make the first strum on the B-chord 
stacatto. Try to follow these chord patterns:

Emaj7 (021100@1) G#mol7    B (x2444x@1)    C#mol 
e|--|   e|4-|    e|--|   e|--|  
B|16|   B|4-|    B|7-|   B|9-|
G|13|   G|4-|    G|8-|   G|9-|
D|x-|   D|4-|    D|9-|   D|11|
A|14|   A|6-|    A|9-|   A|11|
E|12|   E|4-|    E|7-|   E|9-|

Emaj7 G#mol7 | B C#mol |

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