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I'm Gonna Be A Cowboy - Marty Robbins

Intro:  2 bars   Eb

EbI (x43121@3)want a 10-gallon Stetson
      Fand (133211@1)a horse that bears my brand
  Bba (x1333x@1)thousand head of cattle
     Ebon (x43121@3)a great big piece of land
         G7I (320001@1)want a ranch in Arizona
           Cmwhere (x3101x@1)they never sleep inside
         FI (133211@1)want a gaze at the moon and stars above
          BbI (x1333x@1)want to learn to rope and ride

I want two pearl handled six guns
the kind that really shoot
a saddle trimmed with silver
and a pair of yellow boots
     Ab (xx1114@1)                AbmI'll (133111@4)have my name carved on my belt
     Eb (x43121@3)           CI'll (x32010@1)line my saddle seat with felt
    F (133211@1)        Bb (x1333x@1)           EbI'm (x43121@3)gonna be a cowboy, yes sirree

16 bars gtr solo  (repeat chords from both verses)

Repeat Verses 

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