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May not be perfect, but it sounds right to me.  Any corrections are certainly welcome.

Spanish Lullaby
Marty Robbins - 1967
C (x32010@1)name="chord_320003@1">G 
C F Em C

Em - 3x2000

This my friends is an old Spanish lullaby.
And it's been handed down from generation to generation.
And in it, a father is singing to his baby son.
And he's telling him, "Close you eyes little one and sleep.
And dream while the angels watch over you.
I will hold your hand.
And when you wake with the morning, I'll still be here.

CCierras (x32010@1)ya tus ojitos.
              GDuermete (320003@1)sin temor.
              DSuena (xx0232@1)con angelitos
            Cparecidos (x32010@1)a ti.

Y te agarrare tu mano.
              FDuermete (133211@1)sin temor.
               EmCuando (022000@1)tu despiertes,
          Cyo (x32010@1)estare aqui.

CLa (x32010@1)La la la la ..La la la
               GLa (320003@1)la la la la lala
              Dla (xx0232@1)la lalala lala la
              Cla (x32010@1)la lalalaa lala

CY (x32010@1)te agarrare tu mano.
               FDueremete (133211@1)sin temor.
              EmCuando (022000@1)tu despiertes,
          Cyo (x32010@1)estare aqui. 

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