Marveloous 3
Grant Park
Ready Sex Go
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Key: G

Tuning: Standard eADGBe

Chords used:
G -  320033
D -  xx0232
C -  x32010
Cm - x35543

Intro: G--D--C--Cm--

Verse 1:
GGo (320003@1)and take a ride to 
her shop in grant park
        DYou (xx0232@1)can walk though the 
door and shove the 
knife in her heart
         CWhen (x32010@1)you tell her thet you 
can't stand the song anymore
    CmThe (x3101x@1)one you two adopted 
on the prom dance floor
        GYou (320003@1)can be a Tom Cruise 
and make a big scene
   DOr (xx0232@1)be like McGyver 
and cut it clean
CEither (x32010@1)way there's gonna 
be blood on the floor
When you tell her that you 
don't dig girls anymore

   G (320003@1) D (xx0232@1)name="chord_x32010@1">C
Anymore, (I can't 
believe it)
   G (320003@1) D (xx0232@1)name="chord_x32010@1">C 

Verse 2:
    GNow (320003@1)here's a funny story 
about a singer named Jed
   DHe (xx0232@1)caught his girlfriend 
with a woman in bed
          CThey (x32010@1)were watching Loveline 
with a bottle of wine
         CmHaving (x3101x@1)a party like it's 1999
      GSo (320003@1)he threw down the movies 
and had a heart attack
   DHe (xx0232@1)jumped in the ocean 
and he never swam back
           CThey (x32010@1)just stood there 
naked except for their socks
        CmFeeling (x3101x@1)cheaper than a 
prize in a cracker jack box
I don't think Jed's really 
gonna wanna rock anymore

(Repeat Chorus twice)

DCheck (xx0232@1)the exposure something's
Cwrong (x32010@1)with this picture
        DI (xx0232@1)can't see the truth 
               Cfor (x32010@1)all of the dirty lines
DCheck (xx0232@1)the exposure something's
Cwrong (x32010@1)with this picture
Cm (x3101x@1)                            G----
All in all your gonna lose your mind

Verse 3:
GThere's (320003@1)a little story 
that your gonna adore
      DKinda (xx0232@1)like a lost scene 
on the cutting room floor
     CIt's (x32010@1)all fun and games 
until you get a black eye
     CmYour (x3101x@1)down in the sewer 
asking all the rats why?
GYou (320003@1)can live and love 
and lie and cheat as you wish
    DBut (xx0232@1)that's about as 
tacky as a satellite dish
     COn (x32010@1)a hot pink house 
with a burgundy door
     CmWith (x3101x@1)cigarette butts all 
over the floor
I don't think my stomach's 
gonna take anymore

(Repeat Chorus x4)

G (320003@1)         DCheck (xx0232@1)the exposure something's
Cwrong (x32010@1)with this picture
G (320003@1)         DCheck (xx0232@1)the exposure something's
C (x32010@1)  G (320003@1)name="chord_xx0232@1">D C--
G (320003@1)       DI (xx0232@1)can't believe it
CI (x32010@1)can't believe it
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