• Song:

    Sexual Healing

  • Artist:

    Marvin Gaye

  • Album:

    Sexual Healing

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{st:Marvin Gaye}

this version is pretty much the same as the others except that it uses a G7 
instead of the first Cm in the chorus - well, that's the way i've always played it !

{c:intro (rhythm):}

(get up get up get up get up)

[[ch]Bb[/ch]]  [[ch]Cm[/ch]]  [[ch]Ab[/ch]]  [[ch]Eb[/ch]]
[[ch]Bb[/ch]]Ooh [[ch]Cm[/ch]]baby[[ch]Ab[/ch]], I'm [[ch]Eb[/ch]]hot just like an [[ch]Bb[/ch]]oven, 
[[ch]Cm[/ch]]I need some [[ch]Ab[/ch]]loving [[ch]Eb[/ch]]
[[ch]Bb[/ch]]Ooh [[ch]Cm[/ch]]baby[[ch]Ab[/ch]], [[ch]Eb[/ch]]I can hold much [[ch]Bb[/ch]]longer, 
[[ch]Cm[/ch]]It's getting [[ch]Ab[/ch]]stronger and [[ch]Eb[/ch]]stronger
[[ch]Bb[/ch]]When I get that [[ch]Cm[/ch]]feeling, I want [[ch]Ab[/ch]]sexual [[ch]Eb[/ch]]healing
[[ch]Bb[/ch]]Sexual[[ch]Cm[/ch]] heal[[ch]Ab[/ch]]ing [[ch]Eb[/ch]], oh baby [[ch]Bb[/ch]]makes me [[ch]Cm[/ch]]feel so [[ch]Ab[/ch]]fine [[ch]Eb[/ch]]
[[ch]Bb[/ch]]Helps to re[[ch]Cm[/ch]]lieve my [[ch]Ab[/ch]]mind [[ch]Eb[/ch]]
[[ch]Bb[/ch]]Sexual [[ch]Cm[/ch]]healing, ba[[ch]Ab[/ch]]by, is [[ch]Eb[/ch]]good for me
[[ch]Bb[/ch]]Sexual [[ch]Cm[/ch]]healing is [[ch]Ab[/ch]]something that is [[ch]Bb[/ch]]good for [[ch]Eb[/ch]]me

[[ch]Eb[/ch]]Whenever blue teardrops [[ch]G7[/ch]]are falling
[[ch]Ab[/ch]]And my emotional stabi[[ch]Cm[/ch]]lity [[ch]Bb[/ch]]is [[ch]Ab[/ch]]leaving [[ch]Bb[/ch]]me
[[ch]Eb[/ch]]There is something that [[ch]G7[/ch]] I can do baby
I can [Ab]get on the telephone and [Cm]call you [Bb]up, [Ab]baby [Bb]
[Eb]Honey, I know you'll be [G7] there to leave me 
'cause the [Ab]love you give to [Cm]me [Bb]will [Ab]free [Bb]me
[Eb]If you don't know the thing you're [G7] dealing
[Ab]I can tell you darling that it's [Cm]sexu[Bb]al [Ab]heal[Bb]ing

[Bb]Get up, get up, get [Cm]up, get up; [Ab]Let's make love [Eb]tonight
[Bb]Wake up, wake up, wake [Cm]up, wake up; '[Ab]Cause you do it [Eb]right

Baby (heal me, my darling) I got sick this morning
A sea was storming inside me
Baby (heal me , my darling) I think I'm capsizing
The waves are rising and rising

And when I get that feeling, I want sexual healing
Sexual healing is good for me,
Makes me feel so fine, it's such a rush
Helps to relieve the mind, it's good for us
Sexual healing baby, is good for me
Sexual healing is something that is good for me

[Eb]And it's good for me, [G7] and it's so good to me , [Ab]my baby [Cm] [Bb] [Ab] [Bb]
Come take control, just grab a hold of my body and mind/soul
You're my medicine, open up and let me in
Darling, you're so great, I can't wait for you to operate

Heal me, my darling, heal me, my darling
{c:repeat 'till fade, ad lib improvisation}
																																															Sexual Healing Lyrics																																																	tf_artist = "Marvin Gaye";											tf_song = "Sexual Healing";																															         																																																																																																		

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