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Sugar Cane (Mary Gauthier/Catie Curtis)

By seboddos aka zappy the koala

Verse (Am C Am D)

Am (x02210@1)          C (x32010@1)                Am (x02210@1)              DMama (xx0232@1)said she don't give a damn what those people say
Am (x02210@1)              C (x32010@1)   Am (x02210@1)      D (xx0232@1)
Cane smoke can't be good for you day after day 

Bridge (F C G Am / F C G F G)

F (133211@1)            C (x32010@1)                   G (320003@1)                   Am (x02210@1)Every year at harvest time when the black smoke filled the sky
F (133211@1)           C (x32010@1)                   G (320003@1)       F (133211@1)    G (320003@1)Shed pick me up and take me home and make me stay inside

Chorus (F C G Am)

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