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    Mary Prankster

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    2002-06-15 Ottobar, Bal...

       C/D (x5555x@1)                      DIm (xx0232@1)not amused anymore 
               G5And (355xxx@1)nothings a muse anymore
          C/DI (x5555x@1)sing of love and of hate
        D (xx0232@1)                 G5But (355xxx@1)Im just masturbating my soul

C/D (x5555x@1)      DAnd (xx0232@1)I dont want to live anymore
                    G5And (355xxx@1)I dont want to give anymore
                C/D (x5555x@1)                      DIf (xx0232@1)I fawn, if I flirt, I just keep getting hurt
                  G5And (355xxx@1)its taken its toll

               C/D (x5555x@1)                DI (xx0232@1)wish I could fuck all my sorrow away
                  G5 (355xxx@1)                    EmAnd (022000@1)fuck til the dawn of the next fucking day
                    C/DFuck (x5555x@1)the chorus and verse,
                      Dfuck (xx0232@1)the pain getting worse
                  G5Fuck (355xxx@1)it all til I burn

C/D (x5555x@1)                   DI (xx0232@1)wish I could fuck all of you til you see              
              G5 (355xxx@1)                 EmIm (022000@1)the worst fuck up in all history
                    C/DFuck (x5555x@1)your image and mine, 
                    Dfuck (xx0232@1)your limp valentine
                   G5Fuck (355xxx@1)it all til I learn

         C/D (x5555x@1)       DIm?not?a?kid?anymore (xx0232@1)                   G5I?dont?know?what?I?did?anymore (355xxx@1)                  C/DBut?on?every?damn?pass, (x5555x@1)                   D?
                 G5and?I?get?it?all?back (355xxx@1)
C/D (x5555x@1)       DAnd?I?dont?want?to?move?anymore (xx0232@1)                   G5Ive?got?nothing?to?prove?anymore (355xxx@1)               C/DIf?I?run,?if?I?sit,? (x5555x@1)                      Dstill?it?all?turns?to?shit (xx0232@1)                 G5then?it?turns?to?attack (355xxx@1)
Chorus 1

               C/D (x5555x@1)                 DI?wish?I?could?fuck?all?the?memory?I?keep (xx0232@1)              Em (022000@1)                     G5Fuck?the?next?ten?years?and?just?go?to?sleep (355xxx@1)               C/D (x5555x@1)                 DIm?fucked?if?I?do?and?Im?fucked?if?I?say (xx0232@1)               EmIm?fucked?if?I?dont,?so?Im?fucked?anyway (022000@1)
C/D (x5555x@1)                   DI?wish?I?could?fuck?all?of?you?til?you?see (xx0232@1)            Em (022000@1)                G5I?dont?need?your?mercyfuck?sympathy (355xxx@1)                        C/D (x5555x@1)         
                        Dfuck?your?stares?and?my?cares (xx0232@1)                  G5Fuck?it?all?til?I?learn (355xxx@1)
Outro: C/D  D  G5
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