• Song:

    I Love You And Buddha Too

  • Artist:

    Mason Jennings

  • Album:

    In The Ever (Int'l Vers...

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This is JAck Johnsons version, which is easier to play because you don't need to
put a capo or down tune or anything

  COh (x32010@1)Jesus i love you,
And i love Buddha too

  FRamakrishna, (133211@1)Guru Dev
Tao Te Ching, Muhammed

  CWhy (x32010@1)do some people say
that there is just one way

  FTo (133211@1)love you God and come to you?
We are all a part of you

  Cyou (x32010@1)are un-nameable
you are unknowable

  Fall (133211@1)we have is metaphor
thats what time and space are for

  CIs (x32010@1)the universe your thought
You are and you are not

  FYou (133211@1)are many, You are one
Ever ending, just begun

  CAlright (x32010@1)Alright

 FAlright. (133211@1)
I love you and Buddha too

Then it just repeats itself, have fun. Also you should know it sounds better if 
you play the F in a Barr.

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