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Sunlight by Mason Jennings from the album Blood of Man

Tuned down half a step.

Tabbed by Sam Torok (storok13@gmail.com)

One, two, three, four

GUnderneath (320003@1)the lilac tree, I close my eyes and suddenly
CI'm (x32010@1)ten years old and running through, An open field chasing after you
GSounds (320003@1)of summer fill my ears, If I live 10,000 years
CI'll (x32010@1)never feel as good as this, Moments before our first kiss

EmThere (022000@1)is nothing to demand, No algebra to understand
Am (x02210@1)                         D7Just (xx0212@1)sunlight on a freckled face
Am (x02210@1)               C (x32010@1)        D7And (xx0212@1)everything in its right place

GSimple (320003@1)things turn magical, Minutes freeze like Popsicles
CAnd (x32010@1)drip their seconds down our shirts, I love you so much it hurts
GThere's (320003@1)no such thing as real time, I've been yours and you've been mine
CAnd (x32010@1)we've lived ever happily, Everywhere I've been you've been with me

EmThere (022000@1)is nothing to control, No question mark left on our souls
Am (x02210@1)                         D7Just (xx0212@1)sunlight on a freckled face
EmThere (022000@1)is nothing to demand, No politics to understand
Am (x02210@1)                          D7Just (xx0212@1)sunlight on a freckled face
Am (x02210@1)                      D7Everything (xx0212@1)in its right place
Am (x02210@1)           C (x32010@1)        D7Everything (xx0212@1)in its right place

G (320003@1)                                 D7And (xx0212@1)I want to give you a brand new sky
               G (320003@1)                           D7Something (xx0212@1)so open, it brings tears to your eyes
                   G (320003@1)                     D7So (xx0212@1)clear and so present, it doesn't seem real
                G (320003@1)                  D7I (xx0212@1)want to show you how you make me feel

G (320003@1)                              D7I (xx0212@1)want to give you a brand new dream
                      G (320003@1)                D7Where (xx0212@1)two horses drink from a silver stream
                     G (320003@1)                  D7As (xx0212@1)the trees catch fire they lift their heads
                                G (320003@1)              D7And (xx0212@1)bolt together through the forest across our beds

G (320003@1)                                 D7I (xx0212@1)want to bring you the fields of flowers
            G (320003@1)               D7I (xx0212@1)want to build you Eiffel Towers
                          G (320003@1)                   D7Take (xx0212@1)the clouds in the evening, turn 'em into stars
                    G (320003@1)                     D7And (xx0212@1)drop 'em like keys through your prison bars
Set you free, yeah

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