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    Matchbox 20

  • Album:

    Show: A Night in the Li...

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the first verse is really tricky with lots of weird stuff going on,
but the bass is doing a basic  A-G-A twice then D-C-D once then one
more A-G-A then here is the rhythm guitar part:

              A5  -  E5
You left a stain
On every one of my good days
              D5/F - D5/E - D5/F (BREAK) D5/F - D5/E - D5
But i am stonger than you know
              A5 - G5 - A5 (BREAK) A5 - E5
i have to let you go

no ones ever turned you over
G              Am           Dm
nones tried to ever let you down
          F               E
beautiful girl, bless your heart

I got a disease deep inside me
        Dm                 E
makes me feel uneasy, baby i can't

live without you tell me
what am i supposed to do about it
keep your distance from me
Dm                        E
don't pay no attention to me
i got a disease
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