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From: cc977@cleveland.Freenet.Edu (Mike Novak)

"Mary Spins A Rainbow" -- Material Issue

Written by:  Jim Ellison
Transcribed by:  Mike Novak

This is an old song (circa 1987?) which doesn't appear on any of
their major label albums, but it's on an independent release (on
groovy blue vinyl!) from before they were signed.  I'm guessing
at some of the lyrics, but they're pretty close.



g-2-----1-(1)----1-2-----1-(1)----1-|  etc.
        (tie)            (tie)

Play that a few times, and then the strum throughout on Esus/E:

 g---2--1---1--2--1--|  etc.
   Esus E



[Verse 1:]

Esus/E    A                     D
She says, looks kinda crazy but I look at you baby and

I don't know

Esus/E     A                               D
I said, my heart's a magazine I don't want anybody to read

hey baby let it go, let it show, Oh ooooh...


Bi             Di
Bit I saw her, I saw her yesterday

Bi                   Di
Let me tell you man, I'll tell you what she said

Bi                            Di                     Esus/E(clean)
She says she loves me but she says that to everybody anyway

hey hey

          A                       D
Well it's one two three and four, Everywhere that Mary goes,

Bm                   Esus/E
She spins a rainbow, I know

     A                     D
It's one two three and go, everywhere that Mary goes,

Bm                   Esus/E
She spins a rainbow, I know, I know, I know

[Verse 2:]

I said, I'm awful tired of talkin let's go out and start a walkin
baby let it show

She said, your head's a tambourine I don't want anybody to see
hey baby let it go, oh oh, OH ho...


End on a variation of the intro.

All chords are first position except:

Bi  799XXX    Di  X57775

I'll try to post more Material Issue tunes in the future, I hope
you like this one!

Mike Novak
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