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Capo 2 
Intro: E A E A 
E                   A 
He ran hard, he ran fast 
A fallen angel on a weekend pass 
Never looked forward, never looked back 
A blaze of glory down a one way track 

Refr?o -------------
E                   B 
I hear the whistle, I hear the rumble 
       A              E 
And at 2am outside my door 
E                   B 
Must be your memory rattlin' the shutters 
     A                                    E   A 
That train don't run by here no more

E                                          A 
Oh yeah, we were rollin' in the wild, wild days 
He kept on going and I changed my ways 
Now I'm a good girl, I do what's right 
Still sometimes in the middle of the night 

I lie and listen to the last boxcar 
A                  B 
Sweet dreams baby, wherever you are 
E       A                         E      A 
        Wherever you are 
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