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    Matt Good

Artist: Matthew Good
Song: Weapon
Record: the forecoming debut, Avalanche
My Email: woger_007@hotmail.com

Played in Eb (but sounds fine if you play it in standard as well, but if you want to play along with the song, you'll have to tune it to Eb)

Asus: 002200
C: 035500
Em: 022000
G: 320033 / 355000 (its really your choice)


'here by my side'


(done acoustically, before turning on the distortion)

When the distortion comes in, a rythme guitar come sin and starts playing:
G  Asus  Em  along with the progression above


When the distortion Cuts Out: C Em 'And you breathe in, and you breathe out'
then for: 'Never turn your back on it'
play Asus - C - Em so...

Never turn your back on it
Never turn your back on it

Then back to the Verse, and Then the Outro is the same as the Intro. 

hope everythings in order there, if you need any other Matt Good / Matthew Good Band tabs, just email me, ill start submitting some, because lets face it, some of the tabs up around here for MGB really suck. have fun.
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