• Song:

    Fathers Song

  • Artist:

    Matt Redman

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Eb                    Gm/D
      I have heard so many songs
Bbm/Db                Cm7
        Listened to a thousand tongues
    Fm                Bb                Cm  Bb/D  Bb7
But there is one that sounds above them all
Eb                           Bb/D
      The Father's song, the Father's love
Db                     Cm
      You sung it over me
            Fm           Bb            Eb    Eb/G
And for e - ternity it's written on my heart


Heaven's perfect      melody
Bb/D                 Eb/G
       The Creator's      symphony
Ab                   Fm     
     You are singing    over me
Bb                Cm  Bb/D
     The Father's song
Eb               Ab/C
Heaven's perfect      mystery
Bb/D                        Eb/G 
      The King of love has       sent for me
Ab                           Fm
      And now you're singing     over me
Bb                 Eb
      The Father's song

Matt Redman
2000 Thankyou Music
CCLI #2988177
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