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Intro - C#m     E  

Verse - 
  C#m                E    
The buzz of flies , lets me know i'm alive
selly oaks turned euro , it's taken a hard cold dive
the man who i knew , well he once said to me 

bridge - 

B         A  Ab x2
Why are you complaining?

C#m                                 Bm C#m
when these are the days of victory

Chorus - 

C#m                    Abm7         E                  F#          Ab 
These are the days of victory , if you don't take then they will first,
You're living in days of victory , it's make or break in this place.

C#m Bm

Verse - 2

Sons and daughters with mothers and fathers,
elderly people alike,
said the girl she screamed out "harder",
but he'd forgotten what it's like

B   A  Ab x2    C#m Bm

Verse - 3

Forgive and forget forgive and forget ,
i drink my soul away ,
give and recieve i give and recieve ,
like anybody ever did.

B   A   Ab x2   C#m Bm 

Break - 
C#m Abm7 E F# Ab x4 

Chorus x2 
Outro - Sam chords as chorus x1. 

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