• Song:

    I Want You Right Now

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  • Album:

    Live 1969/70

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Date: Fri, 19 Jan 2001 21:11:23 -0500
From: namegoes hereplease 
Subject: m/mc5/i_want_you_right_now.crd

Song: I Want You Right Now
Artist: MC5
Album: Kick Out the Jams
Year: 1969
Songwriters: Davis/Kramer/Smith/Thompson/Tyner*
Length: 6:02

* The songwriter is a guess - the original LP is
misprinted and does not credited this song's writer. I
assumed it to be the same as the other original songs,
and it certainly is an original, so unless Smith wrote
it then that credit is probably sound.

Transcribed by a little soul

Notes: It's about bloody time somebody got this
transcribed. After all, it has been thirty years, and
the entire song is three power chords. Really. That is
the simple brilliance of Kick Out the Jams; their
later work just does not have the same resonance and
tends to be much more straitforward. I think it's nice
to get this one in, especially after Rage Against the
Machine bastardized the record's title track so
wretchedly. Frankly even three decades later Kick Out
the Jams sounds prescient and I suspect that is why it
continues to influence scores of musicians to this
day. This track is my personal favorite on that album
though I hardly ever see it mentioned; ironic, because
this song is the most thorough microcosm of the 5's
sound on record (or at least their live sound). This
transcription comes as close to the source as possible
- it's from the original LP, which by the number
etched in the middle I can tell was originally
purchased in a Hudson's in 1970 or so. At $10 it was a
nice buy. Ah well. On to the transcription...

Effects: Distortion. If you are not new to the MC5
sound this should come as second nature :) I can't tab
Smith's work though it may employ more effects.

Tuning: Standard (EADGBE).

Time signature: 4/4

    Easy way  Better sounding way  Best sounding way
A5: 577XXX         X022XX            X,0,7,9,10,0
C5: 8,10,10,X,X,X  X355XX            X,0,10,12,13,0
D5: 10,12,12,X,X,X X577XX            X,0,0,14,15,0

* There has been argument made that this might be best
(or easiest) played with open position major chords. I
don't really see why, but in that case: A - 002220; C
- 032010; D - X00232

For the song play A5, then C5, then D5, then C5 again
for 1 bar each. The strumming pattern is quite simple
so I won't tab it out but I think it's quite

That's about it then. It wasn't too difficult either.
Lovely. Now if you've got a question or comment or
kudos or insult or anything else to say you can mail
me (pulpalittlesoul@yahoo.com) and we'll chat.

And if you run a record label, drop me a line. I've
got a band called Other People's Music you know.

* That's it friends *


'Why do we have to half kill ourselves just to prove
we're alive?'
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